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Former CEO of National HR Solutions Provider Launches OROhr

Jim Valenzuela, Phoenix-based executive and former CEO of a national HR solutions provider acquired by Paychex, launches OROhr, a full-service provider of payroll, benefits, and HR services and solutions.

OROhr’s solutions are designed to allow businesses to process payroll, comply with regulations, and focus on business strategy. On day one, you get it all – a team of HR professionals, integrated HR technology, proven processes, and more.

“I set out to create a business that offers customized HR services and solutions to help businesses at every stage of operation – making HR easy, while helping businesses expand,” says Valenzuela, Founder and CEO, OROhr. “OROhr doesn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. We listen first to understand your unique needs, and then tailor the right blend of HR services and solutions for your business. Our size and scale create administrative efficiencies that allow us to offer the most competitive pricing, and an outstanding customer experience which enables small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to better operate and grow.”

OROhr’s services include HR management and processes, comprehensive employee benefits, payroll and tax services, retirement plans, risk management and safety, workers’ compensation insurance and legal services- all with the unmated experience, flexibility and value over alternative HR providers.

Why choose OROhr?

  • Ensure legal compliance with human resources and payroll functions
  • Increase workplace profitability and productivity
  • Eliminate non-revenue generating employee-related tasks
  • Attract and retain better talent with industry-leading benefits
  • Know that payroll will always be on-time and accurate

To harness the power of HR, contact OROhr