Harness the power of HR to improve business success.

On day one, you get it all – a  team of HR professionals, integrated HR technology, proven processes and more. This way, you don’t have to spend month after month training employees or be consumed by software implementations. OROhr will focus on cost-containment, stability and compliance with regulatory requirements, so you don’t have to. 

Our clients rely on us to be their trusted advisor and partner for protecting their employees and their business, and they wholly or partially outsource a wide spectrum of HR components to us so they can focus on building their business. OROhr’s services and solutions include:

HR Management and Processes

Human Resources continues to become a more complex and demanding undertaking for employers. New legislation, updated requirements, and time-intensive administration takes away from your ability to focus where you want. We can help.

From onboarding new employees to processing payroll, our HR infrastructure and expertise becomes yours. Our service team becomes an extension of your HR department, using tried-and-true processes, helping to streamline administration and execute tasks faster.

  • Robust HR infrastructure and expertise in all states
  • Proven HR practices that enable faster transitions as your business evolves, from expanding into new states to entering into a merger or acquisition
  • Full compliance assistance and operations partnership

From helping you stabilize costs to providing a proven HR infrastructure, we help you avoid costly and time-consuming inefficiencies through every stage of your business.

Contact Us today and let us tailor a plan to upgrade your HR function and improve your bottom line.

HR Management and Processes
Comprehensive Benefit Solutions

Comprehensive Employee Benefits

Having the right non-wage compensation (employee benefits) plans in place improves your ability to attract and retain the talent you need to run and grow your business. But for many businesses, getting access to top programs and effectively managing them internally is impossible or impractical. Fortunately, OROhr can do the work for you.

OROhr gives you and your employees access to premium benefits, service providers, and technology that otherwise would not be available. Our alliances with recognized first-class vendors provides comfort to employees and employers alike.

Through OROhr’s unique relationship with national medical insurance carriers, such as UnitedHealthcare, your employees get access to cost-effective, comprehensive group health coverage that is safe from dramatic premium increases.

  • Long-term relationships with carriers
  • Focus on cost containment and stability
  • Compliance with federal, state and local regulatory requirements

Contact Us today and let us tailor a benefits program that protects your employees and improves your bottom line.

Payroll and Tax Services

Payroll is a never ending, time-consuming and exposure-filled endeavor for employers. Keeping on top of every detail, tax factors, and countless other variables week after week can take all-important energy and attention away from business building priorities.

At OROhr, we make payroll easy. Our payroll specialists give you confidence that every detail is expertly handled and satisfaction in knowing that your employees enjoy the consistency they expect and the options they desire. Reasons to use OROhr’s payroll services:

  • 1 in 3 businesses incur a payroll fine each year
  • In-house payroll receives 3X the penalties compared to those who outsource payroll
  • Increasing compliance is the #1 reason companies outsource their payroll

Contact Us today and find out just how cost-effective and comforting our payroll and tax solutions can be.

Payroll and Tax Services
Retirement Plans

Retirement Plans

Show your employees you care by helping them to invest in and prepare for retirement after their work days are done. OROhr retirement plan specialists work with employers to establish and administer benefit plan options that empower employees to ready themselves for life’s next chapters.

For employers, OROhr managed retirement plans serve as a cost-effective component of your overall benefits portfolio. OROhr plans offer reduced fiduciary obligations for employers and add to your ability to attract and retain top talent.

Contact Us today and learn how easy and advantageous a retirement plan from OROhr can be.

Risk Management and Safety

Valuing employee safety above all else is not only the right thing to do for employers, it’s also the smart thing. OROhr’s Risk Management & Safety specialists equip employers with an array of services and solutions that improve injury prevention, support loss control, and ensure regulatory compliance.

When employees know that employers are committed to their safety and well-being, they in turn demonstrate their commitment to the business in meaningful, measurable ways.

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Risk Management and Safety
Workers' Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Workers compensation insurance is a requirement for most businesses to insure coverage of their employees in the event they suffer an injury while at work. Without a solid worker’s compensation plan in place, employers run the risk of catastrophic consequences should an accident at work occur.

OROhr handles all your workers’ comp needs with experienced specialists and preferred partnerships with top rated workers’ compensation partners. We give you and your employees protection and peace of mind.

Contact Us today and learn how a OROhr workers’ compensation solution can better protect your business and its employees.

Litigation Safeguard

From helping you stay ahead of government regulations to properly working through employee relations issues, you get a dedicated HR specialist who looks out for your business. They’ll help you prevent risky practices that could lead to costly litigation and lost business opportunities.

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Litigation Safeguard